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In Reboot, you take control of a CRT on roller skates trying to navigate your way through a bowl-shaped satellite dish in order to beam a transmission back to Earth. You must navigate various obstacles around the environment while going in and out of 'speed channels' to gain up enough speed to exit the level.

Reboot was made for the Production II class at Champlain College.

Reboot was made by team Unknown Space, which is made up of the following people:
- Rachel Bussone (Producer)
- Jaymee Fulcher (Producer)
- Dakota Williams (Lead Designer, Level Designer)
- Josh Forchheimer (Lead Designer, Audio Designer, Music Composer)
- Harry Goetz (Designer, Level Designer)
- Leonardo Robles Gonzalez (Designer, UI/UX Designer, Music Composer)
- Jacob Biederman (Programmer)
- Ben Strong (Programmer)
- Walter Hill (Lead Programmer)
- Hannah Greiner (Lead Artist)
- Leanna Russell (Environment Artist)

This game requires a controller to play

//link to ost playlist// by Jo Forchheimer and Leo Robles Gonzalez


RebootSetup.exe 91 MB

Install instructions

0) This game requires a controller to play. Make sure you have one plugged in!
1) Download and launch the RebootSetup.exe file
2) Follow the installation instructions
3) Launch Reboot
4) Make sure the resolution is 1920 x 1080
5) Hit "Play!" and enjoy!

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